Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snake & Star/Black Stone Metal Ring

This ring was used on Charmed. I have yet to find it in an episode but I know I have seen it so I know I will spot it eventually. The ring looks to be sterling silver. The band is in the shape of a snake with the snake wrapping around and the head resting on the body. The center holds an 8 pointed star and a black stone in the center of it. The ring is on the small side so I would guess it was worn by a woman or if a man wore it it would be a pinky ring. Hopefully I can find it to show who actually wore it. It looks to be adjustable as well but it possible it was broken. But this is a really cool prop and I am Very Happy to add it to my Charmed collection!! UPDATE: I found this in Charmed season 3 ep "Bride and Gloom" being worn by Una Damon who played the evil witch Dantalian who married Prue and the warlock so that she could turn the sisters evil and gain control of the Book of Shadows. Phoebe and Piper catch her trying to steal the Book of Shadows and Piper freezes the hand that she is wearing this ring and then shatters her hand into a million pieces. Pretty Cool. Check out the screen caps. AWESOME!!!

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