Thursday, October 1, 2009

Piper's Wedding Ring

This is a VERY Treasured piece. The band and setting is a heavy Stearling Silver and the stones are CZ. Piper/Holly Marie Combs is given this ring (which was her mother Patty's ring) in Charmed Season 3 ep"Wrestling With Demons" by her true love Leo. Piper is my favorite character on Charmed & I am sooo happy that I own this beautiful ring. I bought it from my good friend Kim who lives in California where she got it from the store "It's A Wrap" in Burbank, Ca. I am FOREVER grateful to her!!! Thanks Kim My Halliwell Sister!!! :-)The ring can be seen in many episode throughout season 3,4,5 and/or possibly 6. Can't remember exactly. Hope you enjoy the pics.