Monday, March 14, 2011

Paige/Jo's Drivers License

This is an Amazing item I was able to get recently!! This was used in Charmed Season 8 ep "Malice In Wonderland" as Paige's fake identity which she used the name Josephine Bennet. I always wanted a piece from each of the cast and this adds another to my list!! YAY!! I am sooo Happy to have this and add it to my ever growing collection. You can see Paige/Rose handling this item and also you get a good close up shot of it when the police officer holds it. Sweet!!

Halliwell Experiment Prop Papers

Here are some cool items!! These were used in Charmed Season 2 ep "Astral Monkey". They were part of all of Dr. Williamson's experiments on Piper, Phoebe and Prue. I have two pages that were part of Prue's is an "Authorization To Recieve Or Release Medical Information" and the other is a "Physical Examination" page. The other group of pages I have is a stack of pages (all the same just stapled together) of a "Record Of Death" for the Halliwell Experiment when Dr. Williamson's boss terminates the experiment and tells him to clear out the lab. I wish I had the full folders of all the Sisters but having these makes me very happy. As you can see in the screen grabs Piper shows some of the pages which are from Prue's folder. Sweet!!! I don't have a screen grab of the Record Of Death but I assume it was in the big pink folder titled Halliwell. Enjoy!! :)

Charmed Manor Pieces

I am very fond of these pieces since they are from the Halliwell Manor. These pieces are from Charmed Season 8 ep "Kill Billie: Vol. 2" when the So Called final battle between the Charmed ones and Billie & Christy happened. It was very sad to hear that they really did blow up the set but I am happy that at least I have a few pieces of it. Makes for a nice memory and keep sake!! Thanks to the cast and crew for a Wonderful 8 years!! You will never be forgotten!! :)

Gold and CZ Diamonds Necklace & Earrings

Here is a Beautiful and Heavy set piece that came from the wardrobe department of Charmed. I have not been able to locate this piece as of yet but I know I will eventually. If you know where this was used I would be happy to know!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magic School Spell Book Page

Here is a Charmed Magic School Spell Book Page. I was told it is located somewhere in the season 8 episodes where the book is standing up on a table in the background. As soon as I spot it I will post screen grabs. This is a very large spell page. It's 11" wide x 17" high so it shouldn't be that hard to spot. The paper is that old authentic paper look/feel which I believe is Astroparche. And the picture is quite detailed. It's got symbols in all 4 corners and also script writing which looks to be in Latin but I could be wrong. Prue would be able to tell me LOL. Totally Awesome piece and I am Thrilled to have it in my collection!!

From Fear To Eternity Mailing List Prop Papers

Here is a neat item. These were used in Tanjella's Wicca Shop from Charmed Season 1 episode "From Fear To Eternity". These look to be copies of the original as you see Phoebe/Alyssa actually writing on the one in the ep. But I know there is always back-ups and that is what this is. Just in case the original was damaged during filming Or these could have been under the one Phoebe/Alyssa was writing on so as to make the mailing list thicker with pages. The top sheet has 3 spaces below the last name on the list and this is where Phoebe/Alyssa writes hers and Prue's names and address's and as you see on the 2nd sheet it is just Alyssa filling in the spaces Pretty Cool!! Love this episode as I am a fan of Billy Drago/Barbas. He's so bad :)

Dex Lawson Studio Gallery Postcard

This was never used on screen that I know of but it is for Dex Lawson's Studio Gallery for Charmed Season 8 ep "Run, Piper, Run"+"Desperate Housewitches". As you can see in Run, Piper, Run Dex is wearing the same shirt as in the picture and in Desperate Housewitches you see the actual art piece that is in the picture. Pretty cool!! I'm happy to add this to my collection!!

Billie's Nunchucks

Here is a Sweet item. These are Billie's/Kaley's Nunchucks used in Charmed Season 8 ep "Desperate Housewitches". I was very excited to get these as I would like something from each character and to add something of Billie's/Kaley's is just Fantastic!! The nunchucks are made of metal, foam and tape. The metal is the chain links that connects the two nunchucks and the connectors are also metal. The actual bars/sticks are foam and wrapped in silver duct tape. This was needed as Billie/Kaley used them and was smacking them all over her body with them so she had to be protected. Check out the screen grabs.

Snake & Star/Black Stone Metal Ring

This ring was used on Charmed. I have yet to find it in an episode but I know I have seen it so I know I will spot it eventually. The ring looks to be sterling silver. The band is in the shape of a snake with the snake wrapping around and the head resting on the body. The center holds an 8 pointed star and a black stone in the center of it. The ring is on the small side so I would guess it was worn by a woman or if a man wore it it would be a pinky ring. Hopefully I can find it to show who actually wore it. It looks to be adjustable as well but it possible it was broken. But this is a really cool prop and I am Very Happy to add it to my Charmed collection!! UPDATE: I found this in Charmed season 3 ep "Bride and Gloom" being worn by Una Damon who played the evil witch Dantalian who married Prue and the warlock so that she could turn the sisters evil and gain control of the Book of Shadows. Phoebe and Piper catch her trying to steal the Book of Shadows and Piper freezes the hand that she is wearing this ring and then shatters her hand into a million pieces. Pretty Cool. Check out the screen caps. AWESOME!!!