Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Fear To Eternity Mailing List Prop Papers

Here is a neat item. These were used in Tanjella's Wicca Shop from Charmed Season 1 episode "From Fear To Eternity". These look to be copies of the original as you see Phoebe/Alyssa actually writing on the one in the ep. But I know there is always back-ups and that is what this is. Just in case the original was damaged during filming Or these could have been under the one Phoebe/Alyssa was writing on so as to make the mailing list thicker with pages. The top sheet has 3 spaces below the last name on the list and this is where Phoebe/Alyssa writes hers and Prue's names and address's and as you see on the 2nd sheet it is just Alyssa filling in the spaces Pretty Cool!! Love this episode as I am a fan of Billy Drago/Barbas. He's so bad :)

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