Monday, March 14, 2011

Halliwell Experiment Prop Papers

Here are some cool items!! These were used in Charmed Season 2 ep "Astral Monkey". They were part of all of Dr. Williamson's experiments on Piper, Phoebe and Prue. I have two pages that were part of Prue's is an "Authorization To Recieve Or Release Medical Information" and the other is a "Physical Examination" page. The other group of pages I have is a stack of pages (all the same just stapled together) of a "Record Of Death" for the Halliwell Experiment when Dr. Williamson's boss terminates the experiment and tells him to clear out the lab. I wish I had the full folders of all the Sisters but having these makes me very happy. As you can see in the screen grabs Piper shows some of the pages which are from Prue's folder. Sweet!!! I don't have a screen grab of the Record Of Death but I assume it was in the big pink folder titled Halliwell. Enjoy!! :)


  1. I have the same pages from Prue's records, but mine are on coloured paper and I have a page that lists her Identification Summary, Admission Summary and Discharge Summary and I also have a page that lists her temperature, Pulse and her Respatory information. I got them from

    1. Awesome!! Yup I know the screenused site. They are legit!! I got mine off of a friend of the Prop Master from Charmed. :)

    2. I got my pages wrong they are Identification Summary, Physical Examination, Authorization to Release Medical Information and a page that lists respiratory, pulse and temperature information.